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The Best Way to Kill Scorpions? Quality Scorpion Removal in Queen Creek

There are few things more terrifying that a Queen Creek homeowner can experience than waking up to discover an Arizona bark scorpion next to their bed. It’s true, not all scorpions you can commonly find in your home in Arizona are as dangerous as this one, but all scorpions are venomous and can deliver a nasty sting to adults, pets, or children if care isn’t taken.

Unfortunately, scorpion nesting habits mean that if you’ve found a single scorpion in or near your Queen Creek home, there is a very good chance many more will follow. And getting rid of scorpions isn’t so simple as picking up a can of scorpion repellent down at the local hardware store.

In fact, scorpions have survived nuclear weapons testing without so much as a scratch! It’s time to look beyond home remedies and into advanced scorpion removal and scorpion prevention from Queen Creek’s best home pest control company.

First Step – How to Find Scorpions in Your Arizona Home

One trick we recommend to all homeowners who think they might be dealing with a scorpion infestation is to invest in a black light. Because scorpions rely on UV rays to keep themselves away from light, shining a black light will cause the creepy crawlies to glow a shocking neon blue, making them easy to identify.

If you find one or more scorpions inside your house with this method, it’s time to call Pest Home Defense for effective scorpion prevention.

Our Proven Methods

Scorpions are tiny, breed rapidly, and can find their way into your home through a million different routes. It’s important to inspect your home for any weak points and structural faults, then seal and caulk those up. As an untrained homeowner, this step is hard to do! But when you hire Pest Home Defense’s qualified technicians, you’re getting the best of our hundreds of hours of experience dealing with scorpion home pest control.

We don’t just spray the inside of your home, we also secure it from the outside, and locate nearby potential nesting spots. Our scorpion removal techniques deal with every part of the problem and stop the pests’ lifecycle before they can overrun your home.

The Pest Home Defense Difference

We’ve heard horror stories of Arizonan homeowners locked into restrictive contracts with shady pest control companies who know their methods aren’t effective enough to work in a single application. When you deal with us, you’ll only pay for the service you get—and in many cases, our scorpion removal techniques work so well that there’s only one application!

We do our best to form lasting relationships with our local clients, because there’s nothing better than a friendly face when you’re dealing with something scary and upsetting like scorpion infestations. So give us a call. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have, from questions about scorpion nesting habits to our introductory rates we’ve made affordable for every homeowner. Don’t get stung in the night or by indecision—call us today!

To learn more about ant infestations and how to get eliminate them safely from your Queen Creek location, contact a Pest Home Defense specialist for a free assessment.

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